A Baking Journey

I am overcome by the wonderment of Baking. I love watching my cakes rise in all their glory in the oven! Understanding how ingredients play up in the mix keeps me fascinated. I enjoy spending time reading a lot on the ‘who’s who’ in the baking world, trying out recipes and drawing inspiration from award-winning bakers the likes of Dorie Greenspan, Rose Levy Barnadaum, Shirley O. Corriher. I get lost in Shirley’s science of baking, the principles and philosophy held by Dorie and Rose, who are award-winning individuals in the art. This blog is a compendium of a really fascinating journey – the journey of baking. Enjoy reading! 

About Me

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When the world entered a global lockdown as Covid19 devastated everything we knew was normal, admittedly, I was amongst the numbers who turned to baking. Indeed I had always had a sweet tooth. Baking however was never serious consideration. I found though, the more I baked, the happier I felt. Was it the therapeutic element in the process? I wasn’t quite sure. I suppose it might have been. With each new baking book I borrowed or bought, and with each Youtube tutorial I watched, I found myself wanting to know even more and delving deeper into the joys of the art and science of baking.

One day, I had a deep craving for some chocolate decadence. Having poured a one-bowl Chocolate Banana batter into a loaf pan and conveyed it to the oven, I was gripped with the sheer wonderment just watching that batter rise! It might have been the metamorphosis within a controlled environment.

Sorry if this sounds cliche, but I will tell you that I do come from a line of bakers. I have two aunts who are great bakers and cooks in their own right and who are my go-to consultants from time to time. My late great grandfather was an accomplished baker in England, whom I never had the pleasure of knowing, unfortunately.

Cake is both a Science and an Art. In other words, a melding of precision and creativity – and there is so much more to discover in baking!

Together with the hubs: We live, love, laugh – and eat Cake!

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